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Join the northern lights hunt to the best places around Tromsø.
We have warm clothes and shoes, we have everything you need,
but bring your camera. You are welcome.

Nordlys show in Tromsø. Book at

We chase the Northern Lights in the best places
around Tromsø.
Join a wonderful Northern Lights s

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Get out on a wonderful, beautiful road trip
where we visit the most beautiful
arctic spaces around Tromsø.

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Experience amazing artistic nature, we go to the most beautiful places around Tromsø.
From 10:00 to 14:30.
You are welcome to join.

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We chase the northern lights around Tromsø and
go to the best places.
We have all of hot soup, bread,
tea, biscuits, clothes, photo stand, headlamp,
helps to set up camera and mobile.
You are welcome with.

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