Arctic light and colors.

Join the beautiful Arctic landscape in wonderful light and colors.
See majestic mountains and fjords.
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Experience the northern lights over Tromsø.

You are welcome in a small group, we have all the claws and helps
with a camera. We go to the best places that are very good.
Book at, you are welcome.

Experience the adventurous Arctic landscape.

We want to go to the best places to experience
to see the Arctic landscape. With muligher for amazing pictures
to bring home. Book at

The northern lights were amazing yesterday, how are you doing tonight?

Tonight is perhaps the best evening in a few days.
So now you have the chance and join a small group like
Going to the most beautiful places. We help with camera, Samsung S7, S8
and Huaway. Book at

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be snow and bad northern lights, take time for a day trip!

A lot of snow comes, join the arctic landscape. We drive a car trip from 10:00 to 14:30. Experience mountains, fjords and snow!
Just book a tour at
Welcome !

Use the two good days to the northern lights before it starts to snow.

The good weather will be tonight and tomorrow evening.
I have 2 available seats tonight and some more tomorrow so you have to hurry
you to order at
Friday night it starts to shine over and in the evening there will be snow.
Saturday and Sunday it will snow a lot, therefore I cancel the 3 evenings.
But no, that’s the great opportunity, you’re welcome to join!


I received this feedback today.

There are so many companies offering Aurora chasing tours out of Tromsø, but Karl-Ivar is the one if you want a small group, a knowledgeable and friendly host, and expert photography tips! He’ll kit you out in warm gear if you need it, and keep your furnace stoked with yummy warm soup, snacks and fruit tea. He’s a gem! Plus, if you don’t want to fuss with trying to photograph the lights yourself, and just watch and enjoy (which I recommend), Karl-Ivar takes photos and will email them to you. Highly recommended!

Experience the beautiful Arctic landscape

Join a day trip from 10:00 to 14:30
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The trip goes to the best places around Tromsø.

Come and experience the great Northern Lights!

Book a trip with Karl-Ivar’s Guided Tours
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We have warm clothes and everything needed to help with the camera
and mobile Samsung S7 and S8 as well as huaway.
We visit the best places.

Experience the amazing artistic light and landscape

We recommend a trip by car, 10.00-14.30
This trip is just very nice to go on.
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