Finally, the Northern Lights comes.

You are most welcome to join us on a Northern Lights tour around Tromsø, some of the vacancies available tonight.

Maybe the Northern Lights show tomorrow night?

A few seats available on a Northern Lights tomorrow. Hurry to book, welcome.

Enjoy arctic landscape in the wind.

Book your trip to 12.01.19, some available seats
for a photo trip out into the arctic landscape.

So nice can picture get out in strong winds.

So nice can picture get out in strong winds.
Order today tomorrow you have the chance
an amazing arctic experience with
opportunities for great pictures.

You can get great pictures in the storm tomorrow.

There is storm tomorrow, we are running an alternative trail and you can get great pictures.

Join in the storm

Tomorrow is the storm in Tromsø, we are driving an alternative route where you really get to know the wind
It will be a wonderful and wonderful experience.
At the same time, there are strong colors and contrasts
for the photo tray. Take the chance to rush to sign up!

The guide Marit is here happy because the northern lights come

There have been a lot of clouds but and a lot of northern lights. We drive around and find the best places. You are most welcome to hunt the Northern Lights at the best places
around Tromsø.

Book your tour auroraborealistours or on Karl-Ivar Guided Tours on Visit Tromsø

Join the northern lights hunt to the best places around Tromsø.
We have warm clothes and shoes, we have everything you need,
but bring your camera. You are welcome.

Nordlys show in Tromsø. Book at

We chase the Northern Lights in the best places
around Tromsø.
Join a wonderful Northern Lights s

Book a fjordtour by car at WELCOME

Get out on a wonderful, beautiful road trip
where we visit the most beautiful
arctic spaces around Tromsø.