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It’s where land of steep cliffs and mountains embraces the sea. Where mountains dive into water, standing against years of abrosion. This kind of scenery is very limited, but for Norway, it’s a specialty!

The Fjords of Norway are an enormous attraction, not only for tourists. Standing by a Fjord or above it on a cliff really sets things in perspective. It’s a whole different atmosphere, standing right there by the sea, yet almost surrounded by mountains. The wind, the water, the sound, – everything is different.

A new meaning

I have traveled to numerous Fjords in Norway, everyone of them is different and some of them are capable of giving the word “scenic” a new meaning. If you are a keen nature photographer, make your bet on a Fjord. Your best shot ever is waiting for you. Photographing Fjords is exciting, yet relaxing, it won’t go away and it’s always beautiful, – if you find the right one.

Don’t leave without it

I have local knowledge of the Fjords in the vicinity of Tromsø, Norway. I aim to make my guided tours a personal and valuable experience for my guests, therefore only small groups of 2-15 people can join me and my partner on each tour. I am an experienced photographer and I know about some of the best locations for nature photography. It’s not uncommon that we can spot reindeers, moose, eagles, seals, whales and other wildlife on these tours. Bring your camera. Take your best shot ever. Don’t leave without it!

We will travel by one or two cars, depending on how big the group is.
Included: Warm clothes, soup, tea, bread, shoes, hat, gloves and tripod.

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All year

Day of week Departure from Tromsø Tourist Information Office Return at Tromsø Tourist Information Office
Monday 10:00 14:30
Tuesday 10:00 14:30
Wednesday 10:00 14:30
Thursday 10:00 14:30
Friday 10:00 14:30
Saturday 10:00 14:30
Sunday 10:00 14:30


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