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The Midnight Sun

Imagine the shadows getting longer. Imagine the Sun soon will set. Now imagine that won’t happen, not today, not tomorrow, not for a long time! That’s what I’m talking about, never ending days!

In northern Norway the Midnight Sun will be low on the horizon in the summer months, but it will never set. Some people have trouble sleeping because of it, some even won’t know when the day ends and the night begins. Experiencing the Midnight Sun is as romantic and beautiful as a sunset and a sunrise at the same time. If you have that opportunity, do not let it slip away!

Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

Ever tried to take pictures of a sunset or sunrise? It can be stressful. In one moment the Sun is in the right place, just over the horizon, in the next it’s gone, or it’s to high. But not the Midnight Sun. It’ll pose low on the horizon for you and your camera for a long time. You’ll have a great amount of time to take shot after shot after shot… It’ll slide along the ocean, along the mountains in the distance, it’ll give you the possibility to take hundreds of sunset photos in one night!

Come see the Midnight Sun, relax, take all the photos you want, don’t stress, you know it’ll last longer!

Scenery is everything

I have very good local knowledge and know hundreds of locations with great scenery for watching and photographing the Midnight Sun, both inside and outside the city of Tromsø, Norway. I focus on delivering a personal service and great experience to my customers. I can gladly help you with your camera and photographing. Therefore all my guided groups are never larger than 15 people, me and my partner excluded.

We will travel by one or two cars, depending on how big the group is.
Included: Hot soup, bread, tea and tripod.

As many attractions in Norway, the Midnight Sun don’t last forever. Please check out Karl-Ivar’s Guided Tours dates and times.


15. May – 20. July

Day of week Departure from/meeting point Tromsø Tourist Information Office Return at Tromsø Tourist Information Office
Monday 20:00 01:00
Tuesday 20:00 01:00
Wednesday 20:00 01:00
Thursday 20:00 01:00
Friday 20:00 01:00
Saturday 20:00 01:00
Sunday 20:00 01:00


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